Public Service Should Be Personal

A vote for Bryan Tanner is a vote for…

  • Accessibility

  • Neighborhoods

  • Public Safety

  • Our Schools

  • Local Business

  • Balanced Budgets

Bryan Tanner Mishawaka
Bryan Tanner Family

Bryan Tanner Endorsements

“Bryan is a good and kind, thoughtful person. The neighborhood meetings he started and continue are helpful and informative. Thanks for all you do.”

Celeste Houghton, Mishawaka Resident

“Bryan is a born leader…I am better for knowing him and he is an inspiration to his peers. Thank you, Bryan, for promoting positive values in all that you do.”

Doug Merritt, Mishawaka Historic Preservation Commission

“It was an honor to coach and teach Bryan in high school. He was an outstanding young man that has become a great man, father and leader. I look forward to seeing all of his successes in the future.”

Lisa Durcholz, High School Teacher

“I greatly appreciate your knowledge of our store and what seems like your intention of keeping us in business.”

Kyle Heffelfinger, Mishawaka Business Owner

“Bryan’s knowledge and expertise show through in every aspect of his work. Personally, he was a pleasure to work with. He is a team player who continually strives to put others’ needs first.”

Jody Dedon, Former Co-worker