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Bryan Tanner BBBS

Being a Big Brother or Big Sister is a fun and rewarding experience for both you and the child you will be mentoring. In just a small amount of time each month you can make a huge difference in the life of a little boy or little girl. Although BBBS of St. Joseph County is always looking for Bigs and mentors, there is currently a distinct need for Big Sisters.

Bigs really make a difference! Bryan can attest to this first hand through his experience as a Little Brother during childhood. That positive impact is why Bryan has made Big Brothers Big Sisters a volunteer and philanthropic focus for several years.

In a recent study of the impact that Bigs have on their Littles, statistics show that children who participate in the unique one-to-one mentoring experience of Big Brothers Big Sisters are:

52% less likely to skip school
46% less likely to start using drugs
33% less likely to hit someone
27% less likely to start drinking alcohol

To learn more about a becoming a Big, as well as finding contact information to start the application process, please click here.