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Bryan Tanner Hannahs House

The reputation of Hannah’s House has grown from a shelter for pregnant teens to an outreach ministry that provides a safe home, emotional support and programming to assist pregnant women of all ages in “getting their lives together”.

This positive image has resulted in increased referrals from community agencies, opportunities for media coverage and support from a variety of individuals, groups and churches within the community. Hannah’s House takes pride that it is funded solely by private donations and receives no government funding.

Hannah’s House is often filled to capacity; serving seven women and their unborn/newborn babies at any given time. Approximately 25-35 women live in the home annually.

At Hannah’s House, our commitment and passion to help those who choose life for their babies is a part of our daily life. This dedication inspires our staff and volunteers to instill hope in the women who seek our care.

There are a multitude of ways that individuals and groups can help Hannah’s House fulfill our mission to provide a safe environment, programming and support for the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of pregnant women. Here are just a few…

Provide items on our Wish Lists
Support our fundraisers and events

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